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Fresh Olive Leaf Wreath

  • Measures approximately 20" in diameter. 
  • Each wreath is handmade to order and will have natural variations in foliage size and shape due to it's organic materials. 
  • Fresh wreaths begin their drying process once it has been shipped. To maintain the life of your wreath, keep out of direct sunlight and heat.
  • Upon receiving your wreath, we recommend lightly spritzing with fresh water to give it a little refresh + use your fingers to gently spread out the pieces that may have gotten squished during shipping.
  • Once your wreath has naturally dried, we recommend placing indoors. Dried wreaths may be preserved an average of 2-3 weeks depending upon delivery climate.

Fresh Olive Wreath

  • is often known as a symbol of peace, abundance and friendship. This handmade fresh olive wreath makes a beautiful gift and gesture to send to a friend or loved one this holiday season. 

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