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My love for pampas grass developed as I was planning my daughter, Olivia's first birthday party. I was going for a relaxed boho-vibe and envisioned having pampas grass anywhere and everywhere I could fit it. After searching online for weeks on end trying to find big, beautiful pampas plumes, it seemed almost impossible to find. Luck had it, that just days before the party I came across exactly what I was looking for. You can imagine my excitement when I started to see my vision come to life. The party ended up being a complete success! Better than I imagined and pampas grass was everywhere in sight!!


After Olivia's party, I had pampas grass allllll over the house... I started giving it out in vases as gifts, when friends would come over - I made sure they left with pampas grass, and it was becoming a staple decor in the background of my video's when filming. My husband was starting to get tired of seeing it, yet I continued to receive countless DM's on Instagram from other women inquiring about it. Soon after, it dawned on me one day... why not just sell it?! Which brings us here. As silly as it sounds, I have somehow developed a sentimental attachment to pampas grass as it brings back the joy and excitement of planning/celebrating OIivia's 1st birthday... and now starting my very own business! Who would've thought?!

​Ultimately my goal is to spend more time with Olivia. Being able to do what I love, creating content with Liv full time would be such a dream! Launching this business will only bring me one step closer to achieving my dream. Thank you so much for supporting our little mom and daughter business! We can't wait to see how you style your pampas!



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